' Douglas Valley Winery - Community


 " In my life, the family farm has always been the place to come home to, a
                 place of happiness and comfort. There's something about walking through
                    the orchard and watching things grow- it's soothing, it's comforting."
                                                                - Cliff Boomer, Founder & CEO

The development is located on the former railroad station stop, known as "Douglas Station." The station was named for William Douglas, Vice President and Superintendent of Manistee & North Eastern Railroad. While the rail line was pulled several years ago in this portion of the country, the rail bed still exists today. Douglas Valley is an agricultural community that offers contemporary rural living a midst our fertile fruit orchards and grape vineyards on rolling hills overlooking Lake Michigan.  Our developing Village Center will provide a gathering place for resident farm estate owners and visitors to the Douglas Valley Tasting House (Old Bunk House) and Winery.  Over time our Village Center will offer additional attractions and amenities, as shown below.


A Community Rooted in Pure Earth

Douglas Valley is the transformation of a historic fruit farm, no longer viable, into a unique and creative new development for Manistee County and the region as a whole. We will create a very special environmentally friendly,farm community that helps people reconnect with the land, themselves, and each other and with overall wellness. We will combine the elements of a desirable place to live with a thriving agricultural production facility and specialty retail shops to create a place people are drawn to visit for a day, a week, a month, or even a lifetime. We will stand out as a new model for sustainable agriculture and residential development in harmony with the land.

The mission of Douglas Valley clearly identifies the basic values that will be found in this planned community:

       - Stewardship of the land; environmental protection and enhancement
       - Thriving sustainable agriculture
Reconnecting with the earth; creating a sense of place
       - Wellness in an environmentally friendly community
       - Incorporation of green buildings; aesthetic design and quality construction
       - Sustainable; energy conservation; economic viability

Each developer, designer, builder, and investor will understand and celebrate these values. Residents and visitors will embrace these values.